Why Bambi?

We have cherished the Bambi brand for 55 years because we value the drivers behind our company – people. We are a leading confectionary company which takes care of the local community and environment, lives sustainable future in which its employees always come first because future is our joint responsibility. With constant care and investments in development of our employees via educational programs, rewards systems, participation in different projects to expand their knowledge and skills, as well as CSR activities, we have created healthy and encouraging work environment. We support young people and we encourage them to become aware of their qualities and continue to invest their time and efforts in their knowledge and career. With CSR responsibility as an integral part of our identity and business culture, we have demonstrated that we perceive our business results within our contribution to the community and investments in sustainable future and to act as a truthful and reliable partner to the local community serves as our driving force. We are Bambi and together we demonstrate that we live Bambi values.

Bambi for YOUng

Our support to young people without work experience was launched in September 2020. We have relied on key targets: development and inclusion of young people, CSR activities and support to the Company’s strategy. That’s how we established our Bambi for YOUng.

The Bambi for YOUng internship program is envisaged for final-year students, undergraduates and graduates who want to take their first career steps in one of the leading companies in the FMCG industry. The internship program lasts six months and over the course of the program all interns have continuous support of mentors in their sectors. In addition, interns are included in all current projects in the program and work to fulfil concrete tasks.

Within the Bambi for YOUng program, attention is also paid to empowerment of interns and development of their soft skills, first of all within participation at different workshops.

The value and the quality of Bambi for YOUng program have been recognised both in the company and in the market, reflected in the award for the best internship program in Serbia we obtained in October 2021 by Empple Festival.

Summer internships

Whilst relying on the Company’s strategic direction, in the mid 2020, we have established cooperation with the Technical College of Vocational Studies from Požarevac and realized the six-week summer internship. Second and third-year students, as well as graduates have an opportunity to get acquainted with processes and work methods in the confectionary industry and develop through the six-week internship. The goal of Bambi’s summer internship is to enable attendees to acquire practical expert knowledge and experience and at the same time get acquainted with the Company’s business activities via clearly defined internship program with concrete tasks with continuous mentorship support.

Dual education

We are pioneers in the field of dual education. In the last couple of years, we have achieved cooperation with the Technical High School “Nikola Tesla” from Kostolac in 2017 and with the Agricultural School with the Dorm "Sonja Marinković” in Požarevac in 2021. Our aim is to act as support in acquiring knowledge through its practical implementation at operational activities within production, in order to have them equipped to work at expert positions after they have completed their education.

Cooperation with faculties and student organisations

Bambi is offering support to faculties and students through different activities. We are glad to answer the invitation of student organizations to participate at projects they organise and we also provide support through numerous educational workshops, case studies and lectures, as well as sponsorships in products. With an aim to educate, get better acquainted, empower and support young people in their first steps to build a successful career, we have established cooperation with students of the Belgrade University

Group for SPEKOF

We have supported Group for SPEKOF with our participation at the Interviewing Week, with an aim to establish connections with young people and their education, as well as empowerment for the selection process. We were lecturers at their best-known project – KONSEK.

FON Student Association

We participated at projects Fongress, Start FON and FonTV where we presented Bambi’s organisational culture to students, as well as possibilities our company offers for career development.

FON Alliance of Students

At the Internship Days project, we get better acquainted with students within educational part which includes workshops and a panel discussion, the companies’ fair and a mock interview. This event also includes a competition with a case study and students present innovative solutions from different fields.

Career Development Centre of Belgrade University

During the online course for students we provide support to participants in the process of preparations for internship or job interviews and, within panel discussions, we promote the company and our programs for the young.


We support international AIESEC organisation through numerous activities – Youth Speak Forum, Knowledge Hub, Career Days project. Within the HUB, we inform them by writing blogs about current topics dedicated to students, whereas at projects we educate them and include them in the processes within case studies as well as panel discussions.

Belgrade Youth Fair

The most important career event for young people in the region organised with an aim to establish connections between young people and employers, companies and institutions, as well as offering an opportunity to expand their knowledge from different fields within free-of-charge lectures, workshops and education.