Our vision and the mission of development describe what we are and what we want to become, namely standards we use to measure our decisions and campaigns. The Vision and the Mission depict the purpose of existence of our company on a path to a unique goal: non-existence of limits with an aim to satisfy demands, necessities and expectations of our consumers via incessant improvement of quality of production portfolio.

Mission and vision

This is our vision:

We are support and inspiration for moments of happiness, in which small bites make us all feel like real champions … bite by bite, one generation after another, conquering always new and ever greater space. ”

The Bambi mission focuses on six key segments of our business.


Increased satisfaction of our buyers and consumers by listening and answering their needs


Produce nutritional and safe high-quality healthy products


Provide work environments for all employees dedicated to their jobs which will make them satisfied


Protect environment and optimize consumption of natural resources


Establish and develop partnership relations with suppliers


Constantly improve effectiveness and efficiency of our processes by raising awareness, training, competitiveness and knowledge of employees and thus provide additional value for owners, shareholders and employees.