About the company

Bambi is a leading confectionary company in the Western Balkans region with a 55 year-long history. Since June 2019, Bambi has been doing business within Coca-Cola HBC Group. We represent a leader in the regional confectionary market with an aim to additionally expand brands of Bambi company to the markets of CCHBC and to additionally strengthen our brands with synergy. With the entrance to the Coca-Cola HBC family, we have been given an opportunity to, while relying on their vast experience and positive practice, achieve even stronger presence not only in the region but more.

Our task is to understand and monitor the needs of our consumers and to always satisfy their expectations with a versatile and innovative offering of high-quality and tasty confessionary products to make their daily lives as tasty.


In our factory in Požarevac, we produce between 110 and 120 tonnes of biscuits every day. Since 2022, this number has been on the rise because we launched a 310 meter-long line production line for Plazma in which EUR 12 million have been invested. The new production plant is the largest individual investment in the history of our company and we have almost doubled the production of favourite biscuit. The year 2021 was record-high year for us and incredible 31. 5 mn kilograms of Bambi products went to Serbia and across the globe.

In the last couple of years, Bambi company received significant acknowledgments for social responsibility; the company is also a member of the Responsible Business Forum – first associations of CSR companies in the country. On several occasions, Bambi has been recognized as a favourite corporate brand in the country, and a favorite brand in the confectionary category for 12 consecutive years. We also have the trademark “Čuvarkuća“ for Plazma and Zlatni pek, which is a reflection of our dedication to development of local economy.

Knowledge and technology, innovations, dedication to buyers and consumers and continuous investments into creation of strong and recognizable brands are the foundations on which we are building trust and strengthen our position.

In addition, the company’s employees can take the credit for all accomplishments of Bambi company. As a company focused on the highest quality of products, we dedicate all our attention to welfare of our employees, their personal and professional development, guided by the wish to provide Bambi company to become a favorite workplace both for its current employees, as well as future ones.