Our buyers’ needs always come first.


We believe it is of key importance to respond to necessities of our buyers at any given moment.

If you are a buyer and have questions for us, we would like to hear you.

You can contact us via following channels:

Our free info line for buyers 064/87-84-400 is open from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM, or you can contact us via email address CustomerService@bambi.rs.

Our buyers are our most important partners and at the heart of everything we do. We try to create shared added value based on profitability and growth, both for our company and for our buyers.

Our success in relation with our buyers is based first of all on constant recognition of needs and monitoring of satisfaction of our buyers.

Our consumers also have free-of-charge phone line and an e-mail address available and they are clearly stated on product labels and Bambi company’s web site. In addition to the answer to every consumer’s request, satisfaction with the response is also registered. The deadline to answer the question/complaint is told to every caller and depends on the nature of the request. All calls are monitored via programme in which the operator records all the calls, complaints and demands and then a regular report on a monthly, quarterly and annual level is prepared based on this information.

Why work with us?

For our company, product integrity means that we can offer top quality products at any moment and answer the needs both of our buyers as well as consumers. Their trust in our products relies on our continuous investments in safety and quality of products.


We cherish our people

In May 2022, we launched Bambi Sales Science Academy envisaged for the entire supply chain. The Academy includes acquiring knowledge of both necessary and expert knowledge and skills and that is how we enable every member of the sales team to develop within the organisation: starting from the role of merchandiser to sales manager.


Leading principles for suppliers

Standards suppliers of Coca-Cola HBC and Bambi are obliged to obey are included in the Chief Principles for Suppliers. According to this document, suppliers are expected to conduct their activities with an intention to protect and preserve environment. As minimum, we expect our suppliers to obey the existing laws, rules and regulations about environmental protection, across all operations in all countries in which they do business in. In case eight key Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) set higher standards in comparison with local regulations, the supplier is obliged to fulfil ILO’s standards. These standards refer to child labour and forced labour, harassment at workplace, unionisation and collective negotiations, salaries and benefits, working hours and overtime, occupational health and safety. In addition, the leading principles include standards which refer to the conflict of interest, business and financial statements, corruption risk and data protection.